My expertise is in portrait and event photography.

My goal with every shot is to capture the emotions and details that were experienced at the moment. Whether it is your baby's first two front teeth, first photo as a family, the tears-of-joy shed at your matrimony, or proud graduates; It is my job to help you re-experience these moments and produce emotions you felt at the event. I would like you to smile, cry, or feel the joy you had encountered when you reminisce on your memories from the photographs.

Prices vary considerably, depending on the type and size of portraits or events desired.

Unlike most photographers, I am only able to reserve a few number of shoots a week. Because my focus is detail orientation, I prefer to spend longer amounts of time at each shoot, to ensure the highest amount of quality possible.

Once your events and portraits are captured, those beautiful moments can be bound into beautiful albums, colorful prints, and canvases to hang in your home. (what good is it for your beautiful photos to be stuck as a computer file?)

If you feel like my personality and style of photography is one that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me.