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Mona Grace Yoga | Portraits

Mona and I have kept in touch in the years we've known each other from working at the local photo lab. I was a new hire, she was more experienced in running the printers at the lab, and she was one of the few that trained me on running the printers. I was ecstatic when she contacted me to take photographs for her new business, Mona Grace Yoga. Her mission is to utilize yoga as a healing for both spiritual and physical healing. I wish her many luck and I hope my photos would help her propel her new business.

After having planned the photo shoot for weeks in advance, I am so glad it went down the way it did. We had some potholes and bumps along the way, from picking the abundant beach locations in So-Cal, too many dress colors, dealing with high-tide at the beach, and encountering traffic. However, the outcome of the shoot was way greater than we had planned or envisioned.


I love the dress that she had picked out for the shoot. It reminds me of a very elegant wedding dress... for yoga...


It was a gratifying experience to work with someone with the same level of passion. Although our passions are different but you can feel it in the intenseness by the way she was willing to get the shot we wanted. A few frames after the shot above on the left, the waves crashed on her and I would imagine it was very cold for her.