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2013 Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival | Travel

Who would have thought that wine and balloons go together? maybe not when you're the pilot of that hot air balloon. Photographing air balloons have secretly been in one of my got-to-shoot checklist and I was really lucky to be introduced to this event. I also have a deep secret of wanting my image to a screensaver wallpaper and this is the closest I've come upon.

My sojourn to the wine country started early. Not as early as I wanted it to be, but early enough to catch some of the action on the balloons.

There were a good amount of balloons that were already up in the air, as well as the crowd waiting for this balloon to rise. The process of putting this balloon requires a lot of hands and team work unison. This panda balloon delighted me because Sheena is a big fan of pandas. I took an iPhone snap and picture messaged her right away. Those double burners captivates me, it's like those viking rangetop stoves on steroids. When the pilot blasts the burners, you can feel the heat from 10-20 feet away.

Wallpapers anyone??

The breakdown process was not as tedious as its set-up. It probably took 15 minutes to pack-up the entire thing in the trailer. Still requires a few hands and team work though.