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Sheena | Graduate Portrait Orange County

This is my youngest sister, Sheena. She'll be graduating college this summer and time goes by in the blink of an eye. It felt like yesterday when Stace (my other sister) were teasing her because she was the youngest.

 photo 20130506-sheena-0016_zpsb0014f93.jpg  photo 20130506-sheena-0010_zps9f18069d.jpg
 photo 20130505-sheena-0039_zpsc8940da2.jpg  photo 20130506-sheena-0021_zps2e8d9471.jpg  photo 20130506-sheena-0078_zpsd982c18e.jpg


I would smirk at her in between pressing the shutter button and she would ask me why. I didn't really tell her why but it's because she has grown so much and I would reminisce to her younger years.


 photo 20130505-sheena-0040_zpsad6a150e.jpg photo 20130506-sheena-0064_zpsa4a34df9.jpg  photo 20130506-sheena-0059_zpsbc30f68a.jpg photo 20130505-sheena-0075_zpseb959e19.jpg