It was in my pre-teen years when I discovered the camera. It was a black metal object with interesting dials, numbers, and levers; it was like nothing I have ever seen. I took a deep breath, blew all the dust off, and searched for my dad, to ask him questions about my newfound discovery. He showed me what the different dials and levers do, and at that moment was when my life in photography began.

I started working for local photographic labs and I took advantage of their free film developing; shortly after, I began to take photography seriously, and enrolled at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. There, I majored in commercial and advertising, with an emphasis on food and product photography.

After a few years working in the industry, I decided that photographing people is something that makes me very happy, and that part of the story is still being written.

My main focus is to make people look good and comfortable in portraits. To give my subject confidence in their own image, and love their photos.

On the weekends you'll find me trying new restaurants, hitting up the local coffee shop, and coming up with my own jokes. Love to take advantage of the California weather by riding my bike and swimming in the ocean or the pool.